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RSS NewsfeedThe Weird Things People Send to Duct Tape Boy
Posted December 18, 2019 - 15:59:14

So the mascot for No Brand Con is "Duct Tape Boy," a member of the No Brand Heroes. Years ago we set up a Facebook page for him. We only post to it occasionally, and you would expect the responses to be innocent.

They are not.

Posts made to the page fall into two categories: Promotional links for the con and "in character" musings. It's supposed to be super obvious that the page is the mascot for a convention. We try to be very, very clear with that.

We are apparently not clear enough.

Every once and a while, the page gets sent messages. It's only happened a couple of times in the last few months, but these... well... are really really strange.

Here are the best examples:

(And yes, I sent that guy a photo of a Playdia)

It's just super, super weird. Like please -- horny fetishists of Facebook -- stop sending messages to innocent convention mascot Facebook pages? The only people who end up reading them is me and the other page manager Calvsie. Spare us from your kinks, okay?

Duct Tape Boy is supposed to evoke a childlike wonder, not whatever gives you your weird boner. What consenting adults do at home is their own business -- so please stop trying to make it mine, okay?

And if you're a pedophile, you can fuck right off.
- Traegorn
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