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Welcometo IBS's Official Website

You may have noticed, but this site is under construction.  We will be launching the full "live" version of this page soon.

What is Ina Bel Shuhadaku (IBS)?
IBS is a producer of live action weapon melee weapons, headed by Derek Castor.  Derek has been producing live action, foam padded weaponry for over nine years.

What is Live Action Weaponry?
Believe it or not, there are people who like to take foam padded weaponry, and beat each other up with them. Most IBS products feature a fiberglass rod core, and then are surrounded by a layer of foam.  Over that, is pulled a cloth "blade cover."

What products do you sell?
Our online listing of products isn't ready yet, but we can give you price estimates and weapon types if you contact us at As of this time, we are not able to accept many new orders, so responses may be slow in coming.

Do you have photos of IBSproducts?
Yes, we have an image gallery online.  It shows photos of various custom orders produced, along with photos from conventions we've attended.

Will you be at any conventions?
IBS doesn't do many conventions right now, however we will sometimes make an appearance.  We will be at the following conventions:

NoBrandCon - March 11-13 2005, Eau Claire WI

How can I contact you?
To contact us, just shoot an e-mail to
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